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With the current state of the economy a couple’s wedding budget is being slimmed. Couples are looking for ways to save and still have a fabulous wedding. Getting creative with favors is a great way to slim down the budget. This is not an area that has to be crossed off the list just because a budget is small. A favor can be as little as $1. A couple can also decided to gift one gift for couple. However, make sure your single guests get their own. has awesome ideas for wedding favors that are more economical. These are a few examples:

~Candy is Always Good. Edible favors can be a big hit and can be the cheapest favor. Getting candies that match your wedding colors and that are packaged attractively can make them look fancier then they really are. Foods that are famous in the state you are getting married are a cute idea especially for those out of town guests. Peanut and Peach themed favors would work if your wedding is here in Georgia. Another idea is buying chocolate bars in bulk and making a personalized wrapper.

~All Aprons Welcome. Making something homemade can add a very personal touch to your wedding. You could make some sort of food items like cookies and mini pastries or even homemade jam. A bride could even get her bridesmaids together to have a bonding day of making baked goods. The bridesmaids could bring one favorite recipe each. Wrap it in cellophane and include the recipe. How cute is that?

~Blast from the Past. A great way to save money and have a little fun with your hubby to be would be to create a “mixed tape” for you guests. You would be taking care of two things on the wedding to do list a one time: putting together a playlist for your DJ and making your favors at the same time. Guests will be able to think back on the amazing time they had at your wedding every thing the play the CD. You can even create a personalized CD cover with a fun picture of the two of you, your names and the wedding date. Adding a short message inside the case would be the perfect final touch.

~Give Back. Another idea that some couples are choosing with today’s economy is making a donation to a charity in lieu of a favor. This way you can donate what your budget allows for favors. This can help if you don’t have enough budgeted for your growing guest list. You can print cards for each place setting describing the charity and letting the guests know that this is in lieu of a favor. Just make sure you choose a reputable charity and you ask for a tax form. One that we highly recommend is The Junior League of Atlanta.

~ Go Green. Give your guests a packet of seeds for different types of plants and flowers. Get these at your local WalMart or even Costco. Guests can plant the seeds and remember you and your wedding every time they water or admire the plant. Just like some of the other ideas you can personal the wrapping the seeds come in. If you don’t like the idea if giving your guests seeds but still want to “go green” you can always make sure you use recycled paper for your invitations and for the packing of your favors!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Where'd You Get That Bling?

Wedding Ring Traditions

Every day men go into jewelry shops in search for the perfect diamond ring for the woman they want to spend the rest of their lives with. Imagine if today’s engagement ring was a plain metal band. Today’s grooms will read this story and say “Why did this have to change?” but today’s brides are thanking God that it did.
Thanks to Archduke Maximillian most brides get to look forward to that day they receive a diamond ring from the man of their dreams. He altered history by buying the very first diamond engagement ring for his betrothed, Mary of Burgandy. Imagine being the only woman in existence to have a diamond engagement ring!! In the 15th century, social status was the most important part of society. Think of how Mary of Burgandy felt walking around with a diamond on her finger.

Of course the first thing you want to do after you get engaged is show of your ring to your girlfriends. Mary of Burgandy’s girlfriends must have been blown away when they did not see a simple metal band on her finger. I am sure they were all very jealous. Another important part of 15th century weddings was the wedding day jewelry. Mary of Burgandy must have been a very bling’ed out bride.

Wouldn’t even be cooler if your girlfriends ooh’ed and aahh’ed over your wedding day jewelry but little did they know it was rented?

Many brides are not able to afford wearing expensive jewelry on their wedding day until now. Adorn Brides is a company that will rent you your perfect wedding day jewelry for a fraction of the retail price. It is a simple process that involves you shopping on line, picking the perfect piece to accent your dress and ordering it with your credit card. Adorn Brides will ship it to you a few days before your wedding and will include all the materials needed to send the jewelry on the next business day. This process will be the easiest part of your wedding. To find out more please visit their website:

Little known Wedding Ring Facts:

~It is said to be bad luck to buy your engagement ring and wedding ring at the same time.

~Couples should not wear the wedding ring before the wedding to prevent bad luck.

~The reason rings are to be worn on your left hand’s third finger is because ancient Romans believed the vein in this finger was the “vena amoris” meaning vein of love. This vein was said to lead straight to the heart.

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