Friday, August 14, 2009

People We Love-Volume 3
Amanda Gerhardt- Atlanta National Golf Club

  • What’s your story? How did you get started in your field?
Amanda attended Florida State University and was originally a music major. A friend who knew she was interested in changing her major came across the event planning major and thought it would be perfect for Amanda. Amanda took her advice and quickly made the switch to event planning and never looked back. She started working with events a month later. After graduation, Amanda moved to Atlanta for an internship. When she completed her internship she applied for the catering and events position at Atlanta National and got the job! She has been there since 2008 and could not imagine being anywhere else!
  • What’s your favorite part of an event?
Amanda’s favorite part of an event is when the bride, groom and all of their guests arrive the day of the wedding and seeing the clubhouse all decked out just for them. Amanda waits at the entrance to the clubhouse so she can see their faces light up and hear the “oohs” and “ahhs” coming from the couple and their guests.
  • What's your favorite past event?
Amanda believes that every event is unique. She believes the best part about working with events is getting to work with new clients everyday. Amanda enjoys hearing their stories and really becomes attached to her clients. She invests so much time and interest into their all her events it is so hard not to become personally committed to each event.
  • When guest's leave an event what do you want them to say about the service you provided?
Atlanta National Golf Club is well known for their outstanding service. They expect the best from their staff and anything less is not accepted. She wants each guest to feel like they are the only guest being taken care of at the moment. Amanda also added that the service director, Leonard, is always there and mingling with the guests to ensure that they are enjoying their time there. Leonard is always friends with the guests by the time they leave. Amanda wants her clients and guests to know she is always there until the end of the event and they never have to search for her during an event.
  • What's something about you/your company that most people do not know?
There are two big misconceptions about Atlanta National. 1st, you do not have to be a member to host a private event at the club. You also do not have to be member sponsored. 2nd, most people do not realize how breathtaking they grounds at Atlanta National. There are numerous gorgeous spots for wedding photos to be taken. As the saying goes “Pictures speak a thousand words” check out these examples of beautiful weddings at Atlanta National Golf Club.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

By Emily Shearer

We love Lulu’s Bakery. They have never failed us! I met with Lisbeth (the owner) to get more information on how Lulu’s was born.

When Lisbeth graduated from college she took started nannying for a family who moved to Roswell. While cooking for the children, she realized that cooking was more than just part of the job description; it was her passion. She decided to make a bold move to New York City to study at the French Culinary Institute as a pastry chef.

Lisbeth worked in a few different kitchens in New York City and Las Vegas before realizing her true passion, designing wedding cakes. After talking to the family she used to nanny for in Roswell, she decided to move back and open up a bakery! Lisbeth opened Lulu’s Bakery in August 2007.

As well as wedding cakes, Lulu’s offers a variety of different cakes and cheesecakes for other occasions. Lulu’s can also help with non-traditional alternatives to the wedding cake.

You can find Lulu’s Bakery at 900 Mansell Road, Roswell, GA 30076 or online at

Here are some of the reasons that we love Lulu’s Bakery:

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