Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Chalk it up

Rustoleum NCF Green Chalkboard Paint
This little can of Rust-Oleum chalk board paint can do wonders for a DIYer. From children's bedrooms to an office to-do list, this paint is an easy alternative to a bulky chalk board. But what are some great party ideas for it? Well, here are a few great ones:

Using a small amount of the paint on glasses is the perfect upscale for solo cups and sharpies. This could also be a fantastic place card substitution for an outdoor wedding. Along the same lines, use the paint on favor boxes to individualize them!

You have all seen chalkboard menu's at weddings and other social gatherings. Looking for an inexpensive way to get one? Rather than buying a chalkboard, use poster board and paint over it with the paint. If you are looking for something a little sturdier, buy a cheap piece of plywood to paint over.

This seating chart featured on Style Me Pretty has so many options! Another great one? Frame a piece of poster board chalk painted, then have your guests leave a note! Later, use Mod Podge to preserve it!

Have any other great uses? Share them!

Friday, June 25, 2010

famous in a small town

Atlanta is the new New York. Okay, maybe not yet. But Say Yes to the Dress has started an Atlanta spin off. The popular TLC show has taken place at New York's famous Kleinfelds Bridal for years. Starting on July 12, the entire nation will be able to watch our local southern belles find the dress of their dreams. Interested in being on the show? Check out Bridals by Lori for more information. See you on the big screen!

Speaking of dresses... here is one we LOVE.

Simple. Frilly. Beautiful. Girly. Romantic.
Totally adore it.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

How To Pocket-Fold a Napkin

Love this new post from the folks at Real Simple Magazine!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Come on in

We have been getting some knocks on our blogs door. Well, really more of emails, but door works better for our analogy. Which brings me to my next point, we want to hear from you! Yes you. If you are reading this (and thanks to google analytics, we know you are) then you are interested in weddings and we want to hear about it! Next week will start guest blogger sessions. Guest bloggers can be anyone! Maybe you have a topic you want to share, or we can provide you with a question from one of our readers! Speaking of questions, we know you have them. I have them. So start spilling, and we will start answering. Have a great craft idea? Lets showcase it. Are you a photographer who has some great inside information to share? Spill it! Need some inspiration for a party you are having? Let us help! We will help you with any problems or concerns. So as your reading this, think about what you want to share! And shoot us an email
I mean it, I am looking at how many people read this. And I better have an email from each of you. Questions, comments, concerns, we take it all.
Now get going on that email.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Real Wedding: Heather and Tim

Real Wedding: Heather and Tim
Roswell River Landing
Roswell, GA
Summer weddings are a beautiful thing, aren't they? Bright colors, shinning sun, oh, and a glorious river right out back. These are just a few elements of Heather and Tim's wedding.
Weather was gorgeous for this Georgia wedding. And with an outdoor ceremony and reception we were thankful mother nature was cooperating.
And no wedding is complete without some handsome bachelors...
The flowers were the perfect accent for the blue and green details. Paul over at Rooms in Bloom did a perfect job making their vision a reality.
The bride and groom were picture perfect relaxed for their big day. Our favorite thing to see? When the newlyweds really get to kick back and enjoy their big day.
And we also love delicious wedding favors. And precious boxes for them (custom boxes and bows in coordinating colors!).
Nothing beats huge smiles across the bride and grooms faces as they pass through all the people who came to share their special day. Thanks Heather and Tim for being so great to work with!
Our favorite part after the wedding? When great photographers, like the DornBrothers send us pictures. These two brothers proved great to work with during the wedding, and after!

Linens: Cover Ups
Wedding Planner: A Big To Do Event

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What we love

What do we love about Etsy? Well aside from everything, everything for your wedding.
Check out these forks for the bride and groom. Can you say precious? And at just thirteen dollars how could you not snatch them up?
You are checking Etsy for wedding details, aren't you? This adorable "crafters" site has everything from invitations, to hair accessories. Pretty much any detail for your big day. Here are some of our other favorites for weddings.

These custom wedding hangers are the perfect memento to hang your dress on, for the big day and after.

These custom yard signs are the perfect touch to an outdoor wedding (or one that is confusing to get to)! Three signs for just $64? Yes, please, and thank you.

And oh naturally, dresses galore. This wedding dress is listed for only $640

Your bridesmaids are not forgotten either. If your looking for black, grey, turquoise, or purple check out this dress...

That can be worn this many different ways...

With an $89 price tag, this little transformer may be something to check out for your girls.

Candy favor stations are hot right now. Check out these custom labels for the big lollipops!

Maybe you are a crafty bride? In that case, check etsy for great ideas on things you can make, rather than order! Or maybe you already make the next hot item, you can put them in the marketplace and make a profit for yourself!
If you know what you want, but don't know where to get it, be sure to check this site out! They really do have a little bit of everything you need, and everything you will love.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Save The Date!

Over the past five years, "Save the Dates" have become increasingly popular. And by increasingly, I mean went from, yeah a few people do it, to a slot in your wedding budget. But how do you use them? When do you send them out? Really, how much should they cost? Do I send them to everyone? Here is the answer to all of your Save the Date questions, and more.

A save the date is a simple card (or other item) stating the date of your wedding. It serves guests to keep the date open, with a formal invitation to follow. Must haves for the card are names of bride and groom, and the date of your wedding. It is also a good idea to include hotel arrangements for out of town guests to plan accordingly. Many include their "wedding website" if they have one. This way guests can enjoy (stalk) your special time with you, before the big day arrives.

Save the Dates are typically sent out 6-12 months before your wedding. When you send them out depends on when you are sending your formal invitations, and where the wedding is. If you are having a destination wedding your STD (the good kind) should be sent out as soon as possible, closer to the 12 month mark so guest have time to plan.

STD's should be sent to everyone on your guest list. With that being said, since a formal invitation follows, you could choose to only send them to out of town guests, or others who you think would benefit from them.

With popularity increasing, the creativity of save the dates is also growing. Everything from custom map napkins, bookmarks, to a youtube video sent to their guests, brides-to-be are thinking of it all. Simple pictures are always a classic way to go. Many couples make something with their names and date of the wedding to have in some of their engagement pictures. Here is a great example taken by Shelli Allen Photography

For other creative ideas check our your favorite blogs. Bloggers everywhere are giving great advice on DIY save the dates, as well as ones they have bought. Check out these HANDMADE hankies one DIY bride made for her guests!

Have your own fantastic Save-the-Dates? Or a wonderful idea for one? Send us a picture and we will showcase you right here! Emails should be sent to

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Monogramming machine

Us Southern belle's are known to monogram anything that will stay still long enough. Weddings and event favors are no exception. Here are some of our favorite monograms to give (and receive)!

This toggle sterling silver bracelet from Things Remembered would make a fantastic bridesmaid gift! OR, a fun gift for the bride-to-be who is getting a new monogram!

In browsing for gifts I am sure you have already stumbled upon
Iomoi. This unique site has a wide variety of gifts, all monogram-able (duh). From invitations to custom tape dispensers, this chic retailer really does have something for everyone. How fun are these plates? You can do full names, single letter monogram, or three letter monogram. With hot colors, and delightful patterns these melamine plates are sure to be a crowd favorite!
To put this next monogrammed luxury lightly: if your going to pay for it, you may as well have it monogrammed. Currently, Louis Vuitton offers hot stamping on all of their leather items. You get to pick colors, letters, and designs. And if there is one thing besides your husband you want on your arm going into marriage, its Louis.

Is your bride already registered for a solid color shower curtain to match her bathroom? Look into colors she picked for accent towels and have her shower curtain monogrammed to match! Make sure you know your bride before choosing this option. Despite (my) popular belief, not everyone loves their initials on everything. So be sure you know who you are dealing with, and that she will love it too. This idea can also be used for pillow shams!

This smaller monogram can be found at Morgan and Co

Looking for a great Winter wedding favor? These custom hot chocolate packets are sure to warm your guests up once they are home. With many options for colors and patterns, I am sure there is one perfect for your wedding decor!

For other great monogramming ideas check out Madame Monogram right here in Atlanta. Don't worry, her ETSY store will ship all over.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Paparazzi please

10 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer

1. What is the most important shot(s) during a wedding?
There are plenty of important shots during the course of your wedding day. Asking the photographer which shots are his/her most important or favorite will help you understand his style. Once you get an idea of the most important shots in the photographer’s mind it will be a little easier to understand his style and help you decide.

2. What products and services do you offer after the wedding and what are the prices?
Most photographers offer collages, framing, touch up, etc… Ask the photographer ahead of time what you should expect when you get your proofs back Ask them how long it will take to create your wedding album if you ordered one, ask them about prices of frames…make sure you know exactly the prices are going to be after the wedding.

3. Can I see the proofs from an entire wedding (or two, or three)?
Any photographer can show you 15 great wedding photographs, but where are they from. Is it one photo from 15 different weddings…what about the other photos. Make sure that you see an entire wedding or two from start to finish. Make sure to ask the person that you are meeting with if they took all the pictures (did they have an assistant or second photographer at that wedding). Seeing an entire photo album of proofs from a wedding will ensure that you the photographer can produce quality images for the entire day…not just one good shot to put in the portfolio.

4. Can I customize my package?
Most photographers have packages and they are guidelines for what they offer. If you are looking for something very specific, the photographer should be willing to work with you and build a custom package that suits your needs. Afterall, you want a photographer who is flexible and has your best interests and needs in mind.

5. How long have you been in business?
Ideally your vendors will have been in the wedding industry for at least over a year.
If they’ve been in the wedding industry less than that, chances are very likely that they will not be as up to date about new styles and products that you’ve read about.

6. How soon can we see our images 1- on the web and 2 – in a proof book?
The average time frame for a photographer to turn around your images from either your engagement session or your wedding is around 2.5 weeks.Ask if they will be doing any minor touch ups in PhotoShop or if the images on the web are totally raw.

7. What kind of input can we have on the choice of the shots? Can we give you a shot list to work from?
Most photographers have a checklist of the shots they take already. Asking to see that checklist and adding to it should be no problem for her.Again, you want a photographer who is flexible and has your best interests and needs in mind.

8. Are you the person who will actually take our pictures? If not, may we meet the other photographer, and view their portfolio?
Super important! The photographer should have a list of second shooters that she regularly works with and should be able to know who that person is for your wedding at least a month in advance. Arranging a quick coffee should be no problem.Some things to look for in that coffee: How did they dress? (Could be an indication of how they will dress for your wedding!) Were they on time or early for your appointment? Were they engaging or did they just show up because their boss said he/she had to meet you?

9. Do you always work with an assistant, or second photographer?
Second photographers are almost essential. One photographer can NOT catch everything.It also keeps the photographer from feeling totally wiped out by the time you guys cut the cake.

10. What kind of equipment will you bring with you? Lighting? Tripods? Different lenses?
Tripods are essential. Lighting – maybe. Different lenses – absolutely. When the photographer is at the back of the venue (out of the view of your guests) during your ceremony, you want her to shoot as close as possible. A long lens is the only way to do that. Also, a good photographer will utilize any opportunity to change lenses just to give you some variety in your proof book.

11. How many other weddings will you also photograph the day of your wedding?
Again, we don’t want a photographer who has already shot in the morning. Their trigger finger will be totally worn out and their eye for the details of your wedding will not be as keen as they should be.

Some shots we love:
Jumping bridal party from The Wedding Source It is great to have some pictures that show the unique personality of your bridal party.
Unique ring shot from Amelia Strauss A unique picture of your rings is a great picture that can be displayed for years to come.
The intimate moments. Sure, some are staged. But ask your photographer to be on the look out for the hugs and kisses that aren't prompted. This bride and groom's wedding can be found onOnce Wed

Want to check out some of our favorite local photographers? Head over to David Murray or Kristy Dickerson to see some more unique shots from two very talented Atlanta photographers.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

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