Saturday, December 26, 2009

So You've Got The Ring! Now What?

According to the Association of Wedding Ministers, the average wedding engagement is seven to 12 months. If you were one of the lucky ladies who got engaged on Christmas Day or will be getting your ring on New Year's Eve, odds are you will share wedding vows during the months of July to December. This makes sense seeing as the most popular wedding month in Atlanta is October. There’s a lot to do between now and October!

So what do you do first?

My very first recommendation is to find a venue. A couple of questions to ask yourself before trekking all across the Metro Atlanta area:

  1. What will my wedding date be?
    This is a question that you might not be able to dictate. Especially if you are looking at a September or October wedding, venues may have a limited number of Saturday’s available. That’s when you might consider a Friday or Sunday celebration. Many venues will discount their food and beverage minimum or site rental fee on those “off” days.
  2. What is my general style?
    Do I enjoy the historic feel of one of Roswell’s Antebellum mansions? Or is it more important to me that the guests can just take the elevator to their room after the reception?
  3. Where do I want to have my wedding? One of the biggest trends is to have a mini-destination wedding. Choose a venue that is about an hour and a half from your home – someplace like Serenbe or a winery in North Georgia. Having your celebration there cuts down on the number of guests – generally just getting rid of the ones who are just coming for free food.

Your second task is for you and your fiancé to ask your maid of honor and best man to share your special day with them. Make this proposal memorable by taking them out for a really nice dinner and popping the question over their favorite meal. They will remember it forever.

Thirdly, discuss with your fiancĂ© what each of your Most Important elements of your wedding will be. Do you have your heart set on a band instead of a dj; is his most important element the food? By bringing him into this conversation early on, both of you will enjoy the planning process more because each of you knows what’s a key ingredient for your partner.

Above all, remember, you are not planning a wedding. You are planning the first day of your married lives together. The two of you are planning a marriage celebration. That’s what is Most Important.

Byline: Erica Prewett is a wedding expert and owns A Big To Do Event, planning weddings all over the country. You may contact Erica at 404.547.5712 or

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

People We Love- Volume 4- Lofty Pearls

Meet and Greet with Lofty Pearls

By: Danielle Wasserman

Holy Bananas! Have you been to Lofty Pearls yet? Saturday December 12
th I was introduced to the Lofty Pearls Fine Linens & Gifts shop. Joyce, the owner was a pleasure to meet with: extremely down to earth and very knowledgeable of the gifts she sells. When I first learned of Loft Pearls, I didn’t realize the full meaning of the title of her store; it stands for “stretching to reach something ordinary and beautiful.” Her beautiful items are picked with care from Europe. She was emphasizing the quality of European items versus your traditional items from stores like Bed Bath & Beyond

The bridal gift which stood out the most was the Fiesole by Ginori dinnerware, these were to die for. This beautiful tableware is trimmed with 14 karat gold with the option of embedding the bride’s family crest, their home, or anything that resembles their family tradition.

Some other amazing gifts available are Italian linens and beautiful Halo Flutes, which are trimmed with a 18 karat gold design and tastefully packaged in a rich wooden case.

If you are on a smaller budget, Joyce hand monograms beautiful handkerchiefs, bath linens, and robes. Joyce really goes the extra mile to personalize client’s gifts. Based on the bride’s personality, this will determine what font and design she will choose for the monogram.

Lofty Pearls is the store you want to bring your mother or mother-in-law to when creating your registry. Trust me Joyce’s items are more than your typical cookie cutter items; these souvenirs are heirloom quality that your mother would totally appreciate.

So say you need a gift for a friend getting married. Your first thought is that you don’t want to go to the same “Box Store” that every other bride is registered at because you think she deserves better. Well, you’re in luck because Joyce agrees. She never wants a bride to have the same gift as another bride. To make this happen, Joyce investigates the bride’s registry from other stores to get inspiration of the bride’s taste of merchandise. When you are shopping from your friend’s registry here you’ll leave knowing that your friend will be receiving an original beautiful gift that cannot be replicated.

The process for a bride to get registered at Lofty Pearls is quite simple. The whole registration process can be done online at The first step is to register as a New Member to Lofty Pearls. This step will create a customized profile for Lofty Pearls to get to know the bride’s wants and needs. The site is very user friendly and Joyce is only a phone call away to answer any questions and or concerns. I know everyone these days is into the convenience of hopping on your computer and getting what your need with one click. But, don’t sell yourself short by not visiting the store in person to touch and feel at will.

Fine Linens & Gifts- Lofty Pearls

10475 Medlock Bridge Road, Duluth, GA 30097

(770) 476-4090

Monday, December 21, 2009

Habersham Gardens Workshop

Company's Coming!
"How to Entertain Like Emily Post without a Donald Trump Budget"
Workshop at
Habersham Gardens

This past December, I had the opportunity to teach women in the Buckhead area How to Entertain Like Emily Post Without a Donald Trump Budget.

Tip #1 for Entertaining Like Emily Post Without a Donald Trump Budget: LOOK AROUND YOUR HOUSE UPSIDE DOWN! You'll be amazed what you can find that, if it's used in a diferent way, can be a key decor piece.

For example, the runners down the center of this table are meant to be garland for a Christmas tree. The lighting really picks up the sparkle of the glass in this piece.

Another way to look at your home upside down is to look to the outside for inspiration. This topiary was built by the fabulous people at Habersham Gardens. It was potted in a large bowl that can be used as a bread bowl next year when that topiary needs to be re-potted.

For many of us, our mantle is the focal point of our homes. That's where the home decorations for the holidays starts. So here's a play-by-play of mantle decor.

First, start with fresh garland. (Yes, you can get this at Habersham Gardens!)

Next, add a pine cone garland, and some decorations you already have around your home - you'll find the best ones in the guest bedroom, I'm sure!

Now add some candlesticks in a non-traditional holiday color. I LOVE this aqua/turquoise blue!

Then add a large vase with some colorful, seasonal berries/foilage to give extra height.

Ta Da!

For more information on decorating your mantle or home holiday decor, call Laura Taylor with The Perfect Stem at 404-477-1435.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Check out this dress!

Check out this Dress!!
One of my favorite wedding bloggers, Saundra Hadley with Planning...Forever just blogged about the importance of a sexy dress ( And low-and-behold, one of our brides came across this dress at David's Bridal in Kennesaw, GA.
I couldn't agree with Saundra more. As a bride, you will always remember how you felt as you walk down the aisle and as you saw your partner look at you for the first time. You want to feel sexy (classy) and you want to feel confident. It is as if you are presenting yourself to your partner for the first time. This dress will knock your partner's socks off!!

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