Saturday, December 26, 2009

So You've Got The Ring! Now What?

According to the Association of Wedding Ministers, the average wedding engagement is seven to 12 months. If you were one of the lucky ladies who got engaged on Christmas Day or will be getting your ring on New Year's Eve, odds are you will share wedding vows during the months of July to December. This makes sense seeing as the most popular wedding month in Atlanta is October. There’s a lot to do between now and October!

So what do you do first?

My very first recommendation is to find a venue. A couple of questions to ask yourself before trekking all across the Metro Atlanta area:

  1. What will my wedding date be?
    This is a question that you might not be able to dictate. Especially if you are looking at a September or October wedding, venues may have a limited number of Saturday’s available. That’s when you might consider a Friday or Sunday celebration. Many venues will discount their food and beverage minimum or site rental fee on those “off” days.
  2. What is my general style?
    Do I enjoy the historic feel of one of Roswell’s Antebellum mansions? Or is it more important to me that the guests can just take the elevator to their room after the reception?
  3. Where do I want to have my wedding? One of the biggest trends is to have a mini-destination wedding. Choose a venue that is about an hour and a half from your home – someplace like Serenbe or a winery in North Georgia. Having your celebration there cuts down on the number of guests – generally just getting rid of the ones who are just coming for free food.

Your second task is for you and your fiancé to ask your maid of honor and best man to share your special day with them. Make this proposal memorable by taking them out for a really nice dinner and popping the question over their favorite meal. They will remember it forever.

Thirdly, discuss with your fiancĂ© what each of your Most Important elements of your wedding will be. Do you have your heart set on a band instead of a dj; is his most important element the food? By bringing him into this conversation early on, both of you will enjoy the planning process more because each of you knows what’s a key ingredient for your partner.

Above all, remember, you are not planning a wedding. You are planning the first day of your married lives together. The two of you are planning a marriage celebration. That’s what is Most Important.

Byline: Erica Prewett is a wedding expert and owns A Big To Do Event, planning weddings all over the country. You may contact Erica at 404.547.5712 or

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