Saturday, July 31, 2010

Foxhall Resort and Sporting Club

Last Thursday, I was asked, along with other top wedding and event planners in Atlanta, to join the Advisory Board at Foxhall Resort and Sporting Club.

First, let me say, this property is truly God's Country. There are so many breathtakingly beautiful pieces of earth - even the nooks and crannys are vast. The development team at Foxhall has done a great job at creating the nooks and cranny spaces with strategic use of trees to make the setting seem more intimate.

Harrison Merrill and his team have big dreams for the property. This will soon be the place events want to be because of the all-inclusiveness afforded at Foxhall. There will be a spa for the ladies to relax and a shooting range (currently completed) for the men to relax as well.

Here are more pictures of the property. As you'll see - this place is world class!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Shoulda put a ring on it

Having your photographer take ring shots is such a special way to capture your ring in another timeless way. Looking for some inspiration? Here are a few of our favorites:

Make sure you let your photographer know you want these pictures ahead of time. Forgot to have ring pictures done at your wedding? Take your own! Some of these shots use everyday household items that would be easy to replicate.

all images via bippityboppityboo

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Southern Ties

Down here in the south, there are a few things every woman swoons over seeing her man in. One of those happens to be a trend in weddings that has me doing double takes. Dressed up, or toned down bow-ties have me saying yes to the ma'am who put her boy in one.

If those pictures didnt get you in the mood, check out some of our favorite bow-tie retailers.

Southern Proper has an unbeatable selection of classically southern ties. From Georgia peaches, to marlins and everywhere in-between they have a bow-tie for every occasion.

Looking for something a little more traditional? Check out Brooks Brothers selection of stripped, dotted, and solid bow-ties.

Maybe you want a pop of color on your men. Beau Ties LTD has something for everyone. With bright patterns like this one pictured above, heads will sure to be turning when your boys walk down the aisle. Another great feature? With notice, they can create custom bow-ties made especially for your day!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Real Wedding: Rob and Danielle

Last month, I was given the honor of helping make sure Rob and Danielle had a perfect start to their life together.
I wanted to share some of my favorite pictures from the day.
Paul at Rooms In Bloom provided amazing flowers.
All of these breathtaking pictures were taken by Jason Braverman of Georgia Wedding Photos. Thanks so much Jason for allowing us to share your work!
The beautiful ceremony and reception were held at St. Peter's Chanel Catholic Church in Roswell, GA. I love working with this church.
The (edible!) grooms cake, structured after the grooms own dog.
Biggest surprise of the night? When the DJ brought the bride and groom to the dance floor, and every Atlanta professional sports team mascot came running through the doors! Needless to say, the entire crowd enjoyed the surprise and dancing with some of their favorite mascots!
Congratulations Rob and Danielle! Thank you for letting us share in your day, it was truly beautiful.

Videography: Keith Nicolosi
DJ: Leighton Condell

Friday, July 16, 2010

Questions To Ask Your Wedding Florist

Flowers, can be one of the most vital parts of an event. Flowers can turn an ordinarily boring space, into a beautiful vivacious venue. But who can turn your dreams into a reality? And how do you make sure they're going to give you what you want? I've seen the mistakes people make when dealing with a florist. To help, here is a fool-proof list of what to ask your florist!

Questions to ask your florist -

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Deep breaths

Can't. Breathe.
Outdoor wedding anyone? J. Crew does it again.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Party, party, party

Parties are a part of life. Whether your party is a wedding, birthday, anniversary, retirement, or just a good ol' get the friends together invites play a vital role. Remember when we showed you the do's and don't of addressing invitations? Well lets look at that from the creative side. You know a few of the reasons we love Etsy. Well just add this one to the list. Often, people want to know where to get vintage stamps. Because really, who wants this:
When you can have one of these beauties:
So just when you thought you didn't need anything else from Etsy, we show you Verde Studio's. Sorry, we couldn't resist, really. So head over and check out the plethora of stamps. You're sure to find the next HAVE to have for your party!
Happy weekend!

Happily Ever

After stumbling upon Happily Ever AfterWords, I knew I had to share with y'all. This adorable "guest book" box is a great spin on a regular book, or something else to sign.
This box opens up...
To hold these...

With this, guests can leave more than a five word blessing and signature.
The best part? The book is divided by anniversaries, 1st anniversary through 50th. This way, guests can leave their blessing for the year of their choosing.

For $95.00 online this is a good deal to save you time and work around many other creative guest books. However, I am entertaining the thought of trying to make one of these. I am pretty sure that $30 and a trip to Hobby Lobby would have this one covered. If I try one, I'll be update. Hey, maybe even with a giveaway. Have you tried to DIY an online buy? Did it work?

Thursday, July 1, 2010


The fourth of July has us thinking about getaways. Naturally, our minds wonder to getaway dresses. Super hot right now, and what a fun way to squeeze two dresses into one night! Speaking of hot, here is one hot option from BCBG. Just under $300, you man will be quickening to get through your grand exit when he sees you in this.

Another option...

Max & Cleo Strapless Rosette Dress
And for $36.99 from Belk, anyone can afford a second dress!

Happy fourth everyone, enjoy your own getaway!

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