Tuesday, June 15, 2010

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What do we love about Etsy? Well aside from everything, everything for your wedding.
Check out these forks for the bride and groom. Can you say precious? And at just thirteen dollars how could you not snatch them up?
You are checking Etsy for wedding details, aren't you? This adorable "crafters" site has everything from invitations, to hair accessories. Pretty much any detail for your big day. Here are some of our other favorites for weddings.

These custom wedding hangers are the perfect memento to hang your dress on, for the big day and after.

These custom yard signs are the perfect touch to an outdoor wedding (or one that is confusing to get to)! Three signs for just $64? Yes, please, and thank you.

And oh naturally, dresses galore. This wedding dress is listed for only $640

Your bridesmaids are not forgotten either. If your looking for black, grey, turquoise, or purple check out this dress...

That can be worn this many different ways...

With an $89 price tag, this little transformer may be something to check out for your girls.

Candy favor stations are hot right now. Check out these custom labels for the big lollipops!

Maybe you are a crafty bride? In that case, check etsy for great ideas on things you can make, rather than order! Or maybe you already make the next hot item, you can put them in the marketplace and make a profit for yourself!
If you know what you want, but don't know where to get it, be sure to check this site out! They really do have a little bit of everything you need, and everything you will love.
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