Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Monogramming machine

Us Southern belle's are known to monogram anything that will stay still long enough. Weddings and event favors are no exception. Here are some of our favorite monograms to give (and receive)!

This toggle sterling silver bracelet from Things Remembered would make a fantastic bridesmaid gift! OR, a fun gift for the bride-to-be who is getting a new monogram!

In browsing for gifts I am sure you have already stumbled upon
Iomoi. This unique site has a wide variety of gifts, all monogram-able (duh). From invitations to custom tape dispensers, this chic retailer really does have something for everyone. How fun are these plates? You can do full names, single letter monogram, or three letter monogram. With hot colors, and delightful patterns these melamine plates are sure to be a crowd favorite!
To put this next monogrammed luxury lightly: if your going to pay for it, you may as well have it monogrammed. Currently, Louis Vuitton offers hot stamping on all of their leather items. You get to pick colors, letters, and designs. And if there is one thing besides your husband you want on your arm going into marriage, its Louis.

Is your bride already registered for a solid color shower curtain to match her bathroom? Look into colors she picked for accent towels and have her shower curtain monogrammed to match! Make sure you know your bride before choosing this option. Despite (my) popular belief, not everyone loves their initials on everything. So be sure you know who you are dealing with, and that she will love it too. This idea can also be used for pillow shams!

This smaller monogram can be found at Morgan and Co

Looking for a great Winter wedding favor? These custom hot chocolate packets are sure to warm your guests up once they are home. With many options for colors and patterns, I am sure there is one perfect for your wedding decor!

For other great monogramming ideas check out Madame Monogram right here in Atlanta. Don't worry, her ETSY store will ship all over.
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