Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Come on in

We have been getting some knocks on our blogs door. Well, really more of emails, but door works better for our analogy. Which brings me to my next point, we want to hear from you! Yes you. If you are reading this (and thanks to google analytics, we know you are) then you are interested in weddings and we want to hear about it! Next week will start guest blogger sessions. Guest bloggers can be anyone! Maybe you have a topic you want to share, or we can provide you with a question from one of our readers! Speaking of questions, we know you have them. I have them. So start spilling, and we will start answering. Have a great craft idea? Lets showcase it. Are you a photographer who has some great inside information to share? Spill it! Need some inspiration for a party you are having? Let us help! We will help you with any problems or concerns. So as your reading this, think about what you want to share! And shoot us an email sarah@abigtodoevent.com
I mean it, I am looking at how many people read this. And I better have an email from each of you. Questions, comments, concerns, we take it all.
Now get going on that email.
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