Friday, June 11, 2010

Save The Date!

Over the past five years, "Save the Dates" have become increasingly popular. And by increasingly, I mean went from, yeah a few people do it, to a slot in your wedding budget. But how do you use them? When do you send them out? Really, how much should they cost? Do I send them to everyone? Here is the answer to all of your Save the Date questions, and more.

A save the date is a simple card (or other item) stating the date of your wedding. It serves guests to keep the date open, with a formal invitation to follow. Must haves for the card are names of bride and groom, and the date of your wedding. It is also a good idea to include hotel arrangements for out of town guests to plan accordingly. Many include their "wedding website" if they have one. This way guests can enjoy (stalk) your special time with you, before the big day arrives.

Save the Dates are typically sent out 6-12 months before your wedding. When you send them out depends on when you are sending your formal invitations, and where the wedding is. If you are having a destination wedding your STD (the good kind) should be sent out as soon as possible, closer to the 12 month mark so guest have time to plan.

STD's should be sent to everyone on your guest list. With that being said, since a formal invitation follows, you could choose to only send them to out of town guests, or others who you think would benefit from them.

With popularity increasing, the creativity of save the dates is also growing. Everything from custom map napkins, bookmarks, to a youtube video sent to their guests, brides-to-be are thinking of it all. Simple pictures are always a classic way to go. Many couples make something with their names and date of the wedding to have in some of their engagement pictures. Here is a great example taken by Shelli Allen Photography

For other creative ideas check our your favorite blogs. Bloggers everywhere are giving great advice on DIY save the dates, as well as ones they have bought. Check out these HANDMADE hankies one DIY bride made for her guests!

Have your own fantastic Save-the-Dates? Or a wonderful idea for one? Send us a picture and we will showcase you right here! Emails should be sent to
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