Friday, May 28, 2010


As a bride, you will have something that seems like an emergency on your wedding day, trust me. By using a wedding planner, you will never know about many problems encountered on your wedding day. But what can you do to plan ahead of time? An emergency kit is your best option. Supplies from bobby-pins to floss, this kit will have you covered for many day-of problems that may occur. Here is our recipe for an all-inclusive emergency kit:

- Wet Ones -Hairspray -Rubber Bands -Bobby-pins -Safety pins -Bottle opener -Wine Key -Tape measure -Lighter (long and short) -Scissors -Hand Sanitize -AA batteries -Tissues -Tape(Double sided and regular) -Eye drops -Contact cleaner/holder -Tide-to-go pen -Tampons -Band Aids -Floss -Rolaids -Tweezers -Ibuprofen -Pepto Bismol -Chalk -Lint Roller -Baby Powder
-Super Glue -Hooks and eyes -Colgate Wisp -Deodorant

Confused why you would need each of these things? Leave a comment with your question on a product and I will let you know how the item can turn an uh oh, into a good-to-go.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Vintage Inspiration Board

Currently, we are planning a barn wedding for next May. The wedding will take place in Valle Crucis, NC. Bride and groom want an at home, vintage inspired reception with games and fun for all. This inspiration board shows the perfect balance of a fun, "grown up" reception. With neutral tones of tan and green, along with a pop of color from oranges and turquoise this bride will have the perfect balance of vintage and fun. Can't wait to get into the details of this wedding!

Picture clockwise starting with candy:
candy via bride and groom
wildflowers in can via oncewed
candle centerpieces via oncewed
jar with flowers and green accents via pretty in white
barn wall with pictures via blog
table via oncewed
wooden sign via with this ring

Friday, May 21, 2010


Bridal enthusiasts from around the globe are breathing heavy over the new J.Crew bridal boutique. Opening this summer in New York City, J.Crew is taking their already successful bridal line to the next level.
From your hometown chapel to a chateau in France, this line is ready for every bride. Your entire bridal party will also have an array of options to chose from. Oh, and need perfect outfits for the honeymoon? Got you covered there too. Jenna Lyons what will you think of next?

J. Crew Bridal Botique is appointment only. For appointments, email

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

packing for happily ever after

Packing for the honeymoon is often stressful. Brides need to remember the honeymoon is to relax and have some alone time with your new spouse. Impress by showing how laid back you are, not by how many shoes you can pack. Neutrals are a great way to go. Especially with a tropical destination, your tan will be the eye catcher, rather than the colors on your dress. Pack as few shoes as possible. Typically, one black and one tan will match about anything. Taking a simple skirt with multiple tops can cut down on packing. Have you been in the gym for months getting your body wedding day ready? If so, don't be afraid to go with ittsy bittsy and teeny weeny for a bathing suit. If your not comfortable with that, pick a great monokini. There are many flattering, modest options on the market now. Don't forget to pack a great pair of sunglasses. Ray Ban Wayfarer's or aviators are both timeless choices. Target also has fabulous shades for smaller price tag. Leave your heavy make up at home. A sun-kissed face with some mascara and lip gloss are the sexiest way to go on your honeymoon.
What is your must have honeymoon piece?

Friday, May 14, 2010

Frame the [date]

As your stiletto steps into wedding season, you may be searching for the perfect gift. I cannot count the number of wedding presents I have seen in my years. From toasters, to houses everyone wants to give a memorable gift to the bride and groom. As seen in Southern Living, these "frame the date" pictures walk the perfect line of creativity and practicality.

These framed wedding dates can also serve those already married. A bride-to-be is sure to get waterworks when she presents her parents with their wedding date framed. Flowers are often used to memorialize grandparents who have passed away. Using their framed date would be such a unique way to memorialize the people who first showed you love.
Order one at; prices range from $75-$85

DIY kinda girl? A local craft store and digital camera would make this an easy project. First find a three opening collage frame.
This black collage frame with three openings for $39.99 on would be a great option for first timers. Currently (and often), all frames are 50% off at Hobby Lobby. Once you have your frame, take a walk through your neighborhood or a local town square. Historic areas are apt to have unique numbers displayed on the outside of buildings. Numbers are easy to find, so don't settle for three sets of similar numbers. It make take a few days to find ones right for you. Finding a 5 is going to be easier than an 89, so plan ahead. When your numbers are found, send them in black and white to your local digital printing location. Make sure your pictures fit your frame openings. Insert pictures and your perfect wedding gift is ready to go!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Flower Girl / Ring bearer Processional Song

How great to have a special song for your ring bearer or flower girl processional? I, personally, love this one! Upbeat, yet innocent.

What are your favorites?

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