Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A twist to traditional

Coming up, we have 10 unique ideas for your wedding. Today you will get to take a look at the first five in this series. Friday, the next five will be heading your way, so check back!

10. White wedding
Bride are turning to neutral, or all white weddings when in doubt on color. Want to be the only one in white? Try having your girls use off-white and champaign colors. And slap those boys in some khaki suits to tie everyone together.

9. Circular seating
You may be reluctant to think about circular seating. Here is why you want to do it, everyone gets a great view of the vows. You don't have people standing in the back row to sneak a peak, because everyone gets a great view. Also, it is fun to walk in one side and out another, so everyone gets equal viewing time of the beautiful bride!
8. Hometown twist
Brides, bring your hometown into your wedding. Is the event in your hometown? Have a "locals only" gift bags for out of town guests with some of your city favorites. In Atlanta? Throw a Coke, some peanuts, and a local map together for your guests to feel a little more at home. Maybe the event is in your hometown, tie in your fiancé's hometown! These Dolce gift bags may help get your brain wheels spinning!
7. Giving favors
You may have misunderstood this title, giving favors is not the idea, really it is favors that give. Couples are finding a way to give back through favors by forgoing a custom "favor" and making a donation to their favorite charity instead. Find a group that is unique to you as a couple, but don't forget to find a way to let your guests know what you are doing with their "favor!"
6. Unusual entrance
Want something to wow your guests from the get-go? Try coming getting to the aisle in an unusual way. Need some ideas? Think helicopter, horse drawn carriage, ride up on the back of a vintage truck bed, yeah, you see the possibilities...

Do you have an unique wedding idea? Want to share it with other brides? Leave us a comment or email before noon on Friday 10/1!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Going to the Chapel... Not without the marriage license!

3 Common Misconceptions About Marriage Licenses in Georgia

**Back by popular demand - here are some answers to questions we get all the time about getting your marriage license in Georgia. Enjoy!**

Common Misconceptions #1: “Blood Tests are required in Georgia.” The real answer is no. As of July 1, 2003 blood tests are no longer required in the state of Georgia.

Common Misconceptions # 2: “You have to register in the county you are getting married in.” If either the bride or groom is a Georgia resident you can get your marriage license in any probate court in Georgia. If neither the bride nor groom is a Georgia resident you do have to get your marriage license in the county you will be married in.

Common Misconceptions # 3: “You can just show up at a probate court and get your license.” Come Prepared. Here’s a quick checklist for things to bring with you: both the bride and groom’s birth certificate, driver’s licenses, passports, and social security cards. Original forms of all of these things are required.

Fees for marriage licenses range from $50 to $100. Make sure you call the probate court you are planning to go to well in advance to determine the specific requirements for that county. In Georgia if a couple completes a premarital education program the marriage license fee will be waved. Check out the Georgia probate court website for more information on requirements for premarital education and other information.

Probate Courts in Georgia:
Clayton County:
21 South McDonough St.
Jonesboro, GA

Cherokee County:
90 North St. Suite 340
Canton, GA

Clarke County:
325 E. Washington St.
Athens, GA

Cobb County:
32 Waddel St., Bldg D, Probate Court
Marietta, GA

Coweta County:
22 East Broad St.
Newnan, GA

Dekalb County:
556 North McDonough St., Rm G1B
Decatur, GA

Douglas County:
8700 Hospital Dr.
Douglasville, GA

Fayette County:
One Center Ave.
Fayetteville, GA

Forsyth County:
112 West Maple St., Suite 101
Cumming, GA

Fulton County:
136 Pryor St., Suite C230
Atlanta, GA

Gwinnett County:
75 Langley Dr.
Lawrenceville, GA

Hall County:
225 Green St.
Gainesville, GA

Henry County:
99 Sims St.
McDonough, GA

Newton County:
1132 Usher St., Room 107
Covington, GA

Rockdale County:
922 Court St., Room 107
Conyers, GA

Oconee County:
23 N. Main St
Watkinsville, GA

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

It's All About The Dress

Marchesa is one of my favorite new brands. They do an amazing job of combining contemporary trends with classic styles. Take a look at a few of our favorite dresses.

A sneak peak for their Spring '11 line:

Can't wait to see what they have up their sleeves for this collection!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Guest Blogger: Peter Bilodeau

This week we are excited to bring Peter Bilodeau to our guest blogger position. Peter contacted us as a professional writer to give couples advice when writing their own vows. Here he shares some great tips on what to think about when writing your vows. Enjoy!


By Peter Bilodeau

Your wedding vows can display your love in ways no other words can. They can evoke memories, and invoke the power of your emotions.

Whatever you choose for vows will reflect your personality, your character and your preferences- if you want them too.

If you don’t want to be original, you can choose the classical vows found in any book, or online by Googling wedding. “I (your name) take you (your spouse’s name) to love, honor and cherish etc.” These vows say that you are traditional and you are committing to your spouse using words that are tried and true.

Or, perhaps you want vows that tell your friends and family who your spouse is. For example, if your spouse is in the Armed Forces, you can incorporate words like, “Know that I will always be with you, wherever your obligations take you. May you always feel that I am by your side, even if we are miles apart.”

Although weddings represent serious commitment, perhaps you want a dash of whimsy included in your vows. “When I was younger, I wanted to be a firefighter. But today, you have ignited a fire within me that will never burn out – and I will never extinguish it.”

More spiritual of spouses may want to bring in more of the sacramental side of marriage.“Starting today, you, I and God will walk together through a life of giving, and may he bestow his grace on us as we pursue our journey together.”

A couple may choose to write their vows together, so that each may complement the other. Or, a couple may want to write their vows separately, reflecting their own personalities and their own thoughts about the other. Sometimes, the look on your spouse’s face when he or she hears the vows for the first time on the altar may be the highlight of your beautiful day.

As you choose your vows:

· Decide who the two of you are, and let your vows clarify that.

· Tailor your vows to your personality, and that of your spouse.

· Surprise your spouse on the altar – or not.

· Incorporate your beliefs.

· Make them very personal, or make a statement to the world.

Whatever your choices, remember that you will always cherish this day, and you will always remember the words you choose. So choose them with care, with love and with thoughts of eternal happiness.

Peter Bilodeau is a professional writer and editor, who has spent more than 30 years in journalism. He now helps businesses and individuals with their communication needs, including speeches, press releases, Web content, proposals and books. He also writes a commentary blog . Visit his Web site at His blog

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sweet treat for your seat

When I saw this picture...
The wheels in my head seriously started turning. And just like she never does, the post onBakerella did not disappoint. This precious bride HANDMADE all of these cookies for place cards.

I have died and gone to bakers heaven.
To find out how Mel made these adorable cookies, check out her blog. And feel free to volunteer yourself to make these for me.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Guest Blogger: Black Tie Barbecue

We are so excited to share this post from Black Tie Barbecue with y'all today! We love to work with them, and know you are going to love all the advice they have to share on choosing a reception menu. As their name describes, from barbecue to a black tie meal, everything they make is delicious. To see more for them follow them on Twitter@BlackTieBBQ or check out their website!

Help for Choosing Your Wedding Reception Menu

We are so surprised at how many couples have no clue what type of food they want to serve at a very important event- their wedding! They ask us to choose or they just want to be presented with a “package.”

Why don’t we want to choose our first wedded meal?

“But I have to choose based on my budget,” you might say. There are options within every budget range. We choose what we eat everyday, based on what we like, and what we have a taste for even if we are choosing between fast food restaurants on opposite sides of the road or between the cans in our pantry or the frozen meals in our freezer.

So now that we have decided to exercise our right to choose the cuisine at our wedding – how do we decide? We’re not going to decide for you. We want you to ask yourself a few questions in different areas: Preferences of the Couple, Preferences of the Guests, and Wedding Style.

Preferences of the couple

· What do you order when you go out to eat?

-Tapas? Chicken breasts and a vegetable? Steak and potatoes?

· What kind of salad do you usually order? House salad or spinach with sesame ginger dressing? Cobb salad? Chopped salad? Ceasar?

· Do you like foods you can make at home or do you like to see a more creative plate when you are eating out?

· What hors d'ouevres do you get excited about when you are at a party? If you are looking out the corner of your eye for a waiter to return for a certain tasty bite, what is on that tray?

Preferences of the guests (remember you can’t accommodate everyone perfectly– consider the majority)

· Are your guests heavy meat eaters?

· Will a large number of your guests eat seafood? Including shellfish?

· Are your guest partiers – will they take a few bites and get back on the dance floor?

· Are your guests willing to stand? Or do they need to be seated and served as much as possible?

· Are your guests adventurous? Or will they prefer common, comfort foods?

· Do your guests eat a lot? When it comes to food, do you need to steer your budget towards quantity (you know who you are if these are your people).

Complementing Your Other Wedding Plans

· Would you like to share regional specialties of your wedding location or hometown with guests?

· Is your wedding modern? Do you want cutting edge cuisine? Or would you like to take traditional foods and serve them in a contemporary vessel or manner (which is a very modern thing to do now)

· Informal? How informal? Baskets of homemade potato chips informal?

· Would you like your food, perhaps just your appetizers or desserts, to compliment your wedding colors? Yes, this can be done without sacrificing taste! (but notice I said compliment, and not match)

These are some of the questions we ask our brides and couples in our wedding consultations. It helps us create a custom menu that the couple can be excited about serving to their guests (and eating from their to-go box after the wedding). Ask these questions of yourself and your fiancé and see what kind of menu you and your caterer come up with!


Black Tie Barbecue is a full service catering company in Atlanta, Georgia. We call ourselves Black Tie Barbecue because we love to do traditional barbecue as well as elevate meats smoked and grilled on a charcoal grill to fine dining through preparation, accompaniments, and presentation. We love celebrations so much that we throw several special events ourselves throughout the year. Visit our website to find out about our upcoming events (including a low country boil this month!) and come party with us and taste our great food!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Inspiration. This could be one of the biggest things a bride is looking for when she is planning her wedding. We want things that make us swoon, drop our jaws, and heavy our breathing. Finding truly breathtaking images can often be a difficult task in the wedding "industry." Although there are blogs upon blogs, and magazines galore, at times, the images start to run together. With the exception of our blog, just kidding, many have similar images and ideas. To get unique ideas specifically for your wedding, at times it helps to look beyond weddings. Some of my favorite places to look to be inspired?

Food blogs not only inspires your ideas for reception food, but colors and textures will also inspire your theme for your wedding. Take this post from Smitten Kitchen for bourbon peach hand pies.

These images scream inspiration. Check out the colors, the stainless steel peeler mixed with the peach colors put images in my head immediately. And small peach pies? Hello southern flair for a midnight snack. Read with your eyes open and prepare to find inspiration everywhere you go.

You may have noticed, some of our pictures here come from Bippity Boppity Boo. These "random" sites are great to look at for inspiration. Not a wedding blog, Bippity Boppity Boo describes her ramblings, or pictures in most cases as "hopelessly romantic." Perfect inspiration for your big day.

Beautiful pictures, and colors are what your will find spilling over the pictures of sites like these. Whether the colors, designs, or the emotions expressed inspire you, you will find plenty of note worthy images here.

Check out the brands you love. It seems simple enough that you would want your wedding to be a showcase of things you love, but often brides get to sucked into the "wedding" look. Take some time out on Google to search your favorite designers images. If these brands inspire your everyday, why would they not be incorporated into your most important day?
Jenna Lyons closet:
Jonathan Adler's Malibu Barbie Home:
Brooks Brothers:
Wherever you get your wedding day inspiration, stay true to yourself, and the style you want to display as a couple.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Real Wedding: Jason and Whitney

As summer comes to an end, we want to share some of our favorite summer wedding shots. First up is Jason and Whitney's beautiful Roswell wedding. Held in St. Peter's Chanel, Jason and Whitney bridged the gap beautifully between contemporary and classic. Here are some of our favorite memories from the day:
Some of our non-pictured favorite details from the night? The drapery wall that separated the cocktail hour and from the main reception venue. The grooms "fishing" cake. And lastly, the surprise on Jason and Whitney's faces when their get-away car was a white vintage Rolls Royce- good choice mom!
Thanks for letting us share in your special day Jason and Whitney, it was beautiful!

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