Friday, September 17, 2010

Guest Blogger: Peter Bilodeau

This week we are excited to bring Peter Bilodeau to our guest blogger position. Peter contacted us as a professional writer to give couples advice when writing their own vows. Here he shares some great tips on what to think about when writing your vows. Enjoy!


By Peter Bilodeau

Your wedding vows can display your love in ways no other words can. They can evoke memories, and invoke the power of your emotions.

Whatever you choose for vows will reflect your personality, your character and your preferences- if you want them too.

If you don’t want to be original, you can choose the classical vows found in any book, or online by Googling wedding. “I (your name) take you (your spouse’s name) to love, honor and cherish etc.” These vows say that you are traditional and you are committing to your spouse using words that are tried and true.

Or, perhaps you want vows that tell your friends and family who your spouse is. For example, if your spouse is in the Armed Forces, you can incorporate words like, “Know that I will always be with you, wherever your obligations take you. May you always feel that I am by your side, even if we are miles apart.”

Although weddings represent serious commitment, perhaps you want a dash of whimsy included in your vows. “When I was younger, I wanted to be a firefighter. But today, you have ignited a fire within me that will never burn out – and I will never extinguish it.”

More spiritual of spouses may want to bring in more of the sacramental side of marriage.“Starting today, you, I and God will walk together through a life of giving, and may he bestow his grace on us as we pursue our journey together.”

A couple may choose to write their vows together, so that each may complement the other. Or, a couple may want to write their vows separately, reflecting their own personalities and their own thoughts about the other. Sometimes, the look on your spouse’s face when he or she hears the vows for the first time on the altar may be the highlight of your beautiful day.

As you choose your vows:

· Decide who the two of you are, and let your vows clarify that.

· Tailor your vows to your personality, and that of your spouse.

· Surprise your spouse on the altar – or not.

· Incorporate your beliefs.

· Make them very personal, or make a statement to the world.

Whatever your choices, remember that you will always cherish this day, and you will always remember the words you choose. So choose them with care, with love and with thoughts of eternal happiness.

Peter Bilodeau is a professional writer and editor, who has spent more than 30 years in journalism. He now helps businesses and individuals with their communication needs, including speeches, press releases, Web content, proposals and books. He also writes a commentary blog . Visit his Web site at His blog

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