Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A twist to traditional

Coming up, we have 10 unique ideas for your wedding. Today you will get to take a look at the first five in this series. Friday, the next five will be heading your way, so check back!

10. White wedding
Bride are turning to neutral, or all white weddings when in doubt on color. Want to be the only one in white? Try having your girls use off-white and champaign colors. And slap those boys in some khaki suits to tie everyone together.

9. Circular seating
You may be reluctant to think about circular seating. Here is why you want to do it, everyone gets a great view of the vows. You don't have people standing in the back row to sneak a peak, because everyone gets a great view. Also, it is fun to walk in one side and out another, so everyone gets equal viewing time of the beautiful bride!
8. Hometown twist
Brides, bring your hometown into your wedding. Is the event in your hometown? Have a "locals only" gift bags for out of town guests with some of your city favorites. In Atlanta? Throw a Coke, some peanuts, and a local map together for your guests to feel a little more at home. Maybe the event is in your hometown, tie in your fiancé's hometown! These Dolce gift bags may help get your brain wheels spinning!
7. Giving favors
You may have misunderstood this title, giving favors is not the idea, really it is favors that give. Couples are finding a way to give back through favors by forgoing a custom "favor" and making a donation to their favorite charity instead. Find a group that is unique to you as a couple, but don't forget to find a way to let your guests know what you are doing with their "favor!"
6. Unusual entrance
Want something to wow your guests from the get-go? Try coming getting to the aisle in an unusual way. Need some ideas? Think helicopter, horse drawn carriage, ride up on the back of a vintage truck bed, yeah, you see the possibilities...

Do you have an unique wedding idea? Want to share it with other brides? Leave us a comment or email before noon on Friday 10/1!
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