Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Inspiration. This could be one of the biggest things a bride is looking for when she is planning her wedding. We want things that make us swoon, drop our jaws, and heavy our breathing. Finding truly breathtaking images can often be a difficult task in the wedding "industry." Although there are blogs upon blogs, and magazines galore, at times, the images start to run together. With the exception of our blog, just kidding, many have similar images and ideas. To get unique ideas specifically for your wedding, at times it helps to look beyond weddings. Some of my favorite places to look to be inspired?

Food blogs not only inspires your ideas for reception food, but colors and textures will also inspire your theme for your wedding. Take this post from Smitten Kitchen for bourbon peach hand pies.

These images scream inspiration. Check out the colors, the stainless steel peeler mixed with the peach colors put images in my head immediately. And small peach pies? Hello southern flair for a midnight snack. Read with your eyes open and prepare to find inspiration everywhere you go.

You may have noticed, some of our pictures here come from Bippity Boppity Boo. These "random" sites are great to look at for inspiration. Not a wedding blog, Bippity Boppity Boo describes her ramblings, or pictures in most cases as "hopelessly romantic." Perfect inspiration for your big day.

Beautiful pictures, and colors are what your will find spilling over the pictures of sites like these. Whether the colors, designs, or the emotions expressed inspire you, you will find plenty of note worthy images here.

Check out the brands you love. It seems simple enough that you would want your wedding to be a showcase of things you love, but often brides get to sucked into the "wedding" look. Take some time out on Google to search your favorite designers images. If these brands inspire your everyday, why would they not be incorporated into your most important day?
Jenna Lyons closet:
Jonathan Adler's Malibu Barbie Home:
Brooks Brothers:
Wherever you get your wedding day inspiration, stay true to yourself, and the style you want to display as a couple.
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