Friday, October 1, 2010

5 golden rings

The second part in our 10 unique wedding ideas:

5. In lieu of cake
Try something creative! We all saw Carrie Underwood's cupcake tower, pick the dessert that best represents your couples likes! Love homemade pie? Check local antique stores the months before your wedding day to find unique serving stands to have different pies on. Still want the celebratory 1st year anniversary cake? Just buy a top layer and save that!

4. Popping shoes
Shoes are such a fun way to spice up the entire bridal party. Whether you have a pop of color under you dress, the guys have something funky below the tuxes, or your girls change into leopard heels for the reception, there is something fun for every bride.

Can you tell I am a fan of sparkles...?
3. Interesting exits
I love a vintage car. But I also love a unique way to say good bye to your guests.

And trading in bubbles for streamers (or better yet, silly string)? Don't mind if I do.
2. Hair-do
Changing your hair for the reception is a fun way to get a new look. Whether that may include loosing the veil, adding a hair accessory, or taking your hair down/putting it up there are plenty of ways to use this little twist!

1. Uniquely you
Whether your wedding is traditional, contemporary, vintage or anything in-between make sure that we wedding is YOU. Do not try to fit the mold of any other couple, or wedding you have seen. Put personal touches that express you as a couple.

Happy weekend.
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