Friday, October 15, 2010

Fall Inspirations

With fall in the air, parties are gearing up just in time for the cool weather. Here are some fun ideas for your fall get together:
1. Pumpkin fire
Having a party where kids will be in attendance? Keep things safe with this bonfire made up of carved pumpkins.

Image from Better Homes and Gardens: October, 2009
2. Candy corn favors
Looking for a simple favor? Try these cute candy corn pots filled with candy corn, or your favorite fall treat. This simple idea just uses small terra-cotta pots with yellow, orange, and white paint! Having trouble keeping your lines straight? Use masking tape between the colors, or outline in pencil before.
Original image via Martha Stewart Magazine
3. Dressing up candles
Turning regular candles into festive fall ones is easy. Just grab some leaves in your back yard (not too crisp) and flatten them out. Brush a thin layer of craft glue onto the leaves and press them onto your pillar candle. Arranging the candles with some leaves between them makes for an easy fall centerpiece.

4. Fall treats
Pumpkin anything is always an good go-to when looking for fall food. But adding chocolate chips, nuts, and other spices you can make ordinary treats extraordinary. S'Mores are fun for all ages around the fire! If your looking for some other great treats check out Joy the Baker or for meals try The Pioneer Woman Cooks!

Addition: I love, love, love this pumpkin "cooler"
Would make a precious centerpiece!

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