Monday, October 25, 2010

Guest Blogger: Anne Barge

We could not be more thrilled with our Guest Blogger this week. Ginny Brogan, from Anne Barge is joining us all week. After just returning from bridal week, Ginny had the inside scoop for everything up and coming this year. Check back everyday for a new post!

On Ginny:
The Anne Barge blog concept was born six months ago as a way to connect brides directly to the designer. It offers tips on how to wear wedding dress, buy wedding dresses and more importantly how to have fun along the way! While the blog does highlight Anne Barge it offers general tips and ideas for all wedding gowns. I have been writing the blog since its conception just months ago, and have been in the high end bridal industry for seven years. It is my hope that our blog helps brides understand the bridal gown process better and relieve some of the stress of bridal gown shopping. On the personal side, I reside in Atlanta with my husband, baby girl Zoey and our dog Luda. I am very fortunate to live in the greatest city, work for one of the best designers, and spend my days with the spunkiest girl in the world. To all our brides out there..."Happy Reading and Happy Shopping!"

On Anne:
For as long as she can remember, Anne Barge has wanted to be a bridal gown designer. Throughout her school years, Anne was always designing gowns for her paper dolls and school friends, always knowing one day it would be for real.
After a history in the bridal industry, in March of 1999, Anne launched the Anne Barge Bridal Collection which combined classic designs in the finest of silks with museum quality beading and embroidery... not before seen in the worldwide bridal market.
Today the line is represented in Neiman March and the finest stores throughout the country, UK, Spain and Japan. With an atelier above Atlanta's Four Seasons Hotel, her own private label and an international presence, she as made her life long dream a reality. The gowns have been features in magazines and newspapers internationally as well as having been selected as the winner for the 2003 Today Show Throws a Wedding.

This past weekend we debuted our two new collections at New York bridal market. We spent five days in the big apple setting up, having a runway show and meeting with buyers. It is always a whirlwind weekend, but this market was officially a success.

What is bridal market? Bridal market is when we debut our newest collection of gowns. Both press and buyers come to see the new collection. Press will decide what to feature in their magazines, websites and blogs, and buyers will order new stock for their store. This keeps both publications and stores stocked with fresh ideas and fresh inventory for brides.

A lot of work goes into bridal market. We create a brand new collection; produce a runway show complete with lighting and music, schedule one-on-one appointments with our stores, and schedule press seating for the show.

Obviously the biggest part of bridal market is the new collection. It is the bulk of the work, and literally takes months to produce. We begin by brainstorming design ideas, and send them off to be made into muslins, the dress made in cheap cotton fabric. Once the muslins come in we fit them on a model to make sure they fit well on the female body. Then, the muslins are sent back to the factory for corrections. While they are there we are researching new beading, lace, fabric and notions. Once everything is put together the dresses come back to us in their completed form. We go over them once more on a model with a fine tooth comb. Nothing leaves our door for the show without being 100% perfect.

At the end of the day, all this work is done for the bride, and we love it. After all, without the brides who would be our muse?
For more information visit Anne Barge online.
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