Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Guest Blogger: Day 2 Anne Barge

Day Two with Ginny Brogan from Anne Barge. Here is Day One if you missed it.

We saw so many new trends at market this year. Here are the big ones!

One of the biggest trends we saw this season was texture. Texture was everywhere! Skirts made of thousands of tiny flowers, ribbon swirled into patterns, tulle piled high, and chiffon wrapped in itself. Buyers and press were literally reaching out and touching the gowns to feel the opulence.

Texturized gowns are a great alternative for someone who does not want beading or lace. It used to be that gowns fit into one of three categories – beaded, lace or plain. Well, not anymore. You can have a gown with one fabric, but oodles of interest.

Check out these textured gowns:

For the past few seasons the economy made extinct the beaded dress. Well, beading is back baby! Buyers and press could not get enough of the gorgeous beaded bodices that returned this season. What once people thought of as an added expense they now see as sparkly frosting. The girl who loves to sparkle can now breathe easy and return to bridal shopping. Phew…that was a close one!

Check out these beaded pieces:

A huge trend in the bridal world the last couple of years has been destination weddings, and the designers have finally heard the call. More and more brides are getting married in exotic and fun locals, and now they have tons of options to choose from. Stores used to carry a handful of flowey and short gowns for their traveling brides, but as the demand for such dresses grew so did their clout in the market place. This season instead of one or two destination gowns in their line, designers were showing four or five! I guess the law of supply and demand holds true…demand grew and supply multiplied.

Check out these travelling glories:

Lace has always been a bridal staple. Dresses typically had either Chantilly lace or Aloncon lace. This market the most beautiful thing happened…lace was placed onto of lace! Yes, two or more layers of lace on one dress. The result was absolutely beautiful depth. Aloncon placed on top of delicate Chantilly was my favorite use. The chunky corded Aloncon caught your eye and then you gasped as you noticed the beautiful Chantilly underneath. It was like taking a bite of Chocolate cake then noticing the icing had raspberry in it! You know what I am talking about!!!!

Check out this glorious lace:

All dresses are by Anne Barge and Bagley Ischia Bride. For information contact info@AnneBarge.com

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