Friday, October 29, 2010

Guest Blogger: Anne Barge Final Day

After all this talk about bridal trends this season you are probably thinking…"how do I get my hands on those?” This is where I stress the importance of trunk shows. Trunk shows will have the most recent gowns and therefore the most recent trends. The dresses that travel on shows are the best sellers and designers favorites.This guarantees that you will see the best that line has to offer.
Trunk shows are also a great place to get the best deal on the new dress. Usually stores will offer an incentive to purchase the weekend of their show. They will offer you a percent off and even sometimes throw in other perks. You can get more dress for your money this way.
Trunk shows are also super fun. Stores will go all out for trunk shows to really pamper the bride and make the day more special. Champagne and treats are involved people!
The final reason to go to a trunk show near you is the help that is offered. Lines will send representatives with the dresses and sometimes a designer or two will show up. They have insane knowledge of the dresses and can help you decide which trend is best for your body and wedding.
I cannot stress how much of an opportunity trunk shows are. To find the nearest trunk show near you visit a stores website. If you have one designer you absolutely love, check out their website for trunk show dates. (I recommend!
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We want to take a minute here at the end and thanks Ginny Brogan from Anne Barge again for giving up her time to provide all of us with these amazing tips and insiders information! It has been such a pleasure having you. I hope everyone has enjoyed this guest blog as much as we have! Be sure to check out more from Ginny on the Anne Barge Blog!
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