Friday, May 14, 2010

Frame the [date]

As your stiletto steps into wedding season, you may be searching for the perfect gift. I cannot count the number of wedding presents I have seen in my years. From toasters, to houses everyone wants to give a memorable gift to the bride and groom. As seen in Southern Living, these "frame the date" pictures walk the perfect line of creativity and practicality.

These framed wedding dates can also serve those already married. A bride-to-be is sure to get waterworks when she presents her parents with their wedding date framed. Flowers are often used to memorialize grandparents who have passed away. Using their framed date would be such a unique way to memorialize the people who first showed you love.
Order one at; prices range from $75-$85

DIY kinda girl? A local craft store and digital camera would make this an easy project. First find a three opening collage frame.
This black collage frame with three openings for $39.99 on would be a great option for first timers. Currently (and often), all frames are 50% off at Hobby Lobby. Once you have your frame, take a walk through your neighborhood or a local town square. Historic areas are apt to have unique numbers displayed on the outside of buildings. Numbers are easy to find, so don't settle for three sets of similar numbers. It make take a few days to find ones right for you. Finding a 5 is going to be easier than an 89, so plan ahead. When your numbers are found, send them in black and white to your local digital printing location. Make sure your pictures fit your frame openings. Insert pictures and your perfect wedding gift is ready to go!
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