Monday, December 21, 2009

Habersham Gardens Workshop

Company's Coming!
"How to Entertain Like Emily Post without a Donald Trump Budget"
Workshop at
Habersham Gardens

This past December, I had the opportunity to teach women in the Buckhead area How to Entertain Like Emily Post Without a Donald Trump Budget.

Tip #1 for Entertaining Like Emily Post Without a Donald Trump Budget: LOOK AROUND YOUR HOUSE UPSIDE DOWN! You'll be amazed what you can find that, if it's used in a diferent way, can be a key decor piece.

For example, the runners down the center of this table are meant to be garland for a Christmas tree. The lighting really picks up the sparkle of the glass in this piece.

Another way to look at your home upside down is to look to the outside for inspiration. This topiary was built by the fabulous people at Habersham Gardens. It was potted in a large bowl that can be used as a bread bowl next year when that topiary needs to be re-potted.

For many of us, our mantle is the focal point of our homes. That's where the home decorations for the holidays starts. So here's a play-by-play of mantle decor.

First, start with fresh garland. (Yes, you can get this at Habersham Gardens!)

Next, add a pine cone garland, and some decorations you already have around your home - you'll find the best ones in the guest bedroom, I'm sure!

Now add some candlesticks in a non-traditional holiday color. I LOVE this aqua/turquoise blue!

Then add a large vase with some colorful, seasonal berries/foilage to give extra height.

Ta Da!

For more information on decorating your mantle or home holiday decor, call Laura Taylor with The Perfect Stem at 404-477-1435.

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