Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My Favorite Venues

So I have to brag on one of my favorite venues. First, let's look at what makes a venue: GOOD.
  1. OPEN-MINDEDNESS: The venue has to be open to new culinary experiences. This could mean being open to working with new caterers and planners or, if the venue has an on-site caterer/kitchen, being open to creating new menu items.
  2. PERSONALITY: The venue has a characteristic of its own. It's important that the space has its own ambience. Using the current decor and natural experience of the space saves a lot of budget dollars in re-inventing the space.
  3. PARKING: Alright, I know this is a bit more logistical that the previous points, but still as important. There's nothing worse than a guest bringing bad mo-jo energy into your high energy, fun event space because they're annoyed they couldn't find a parking spot.

So would you like to know what my new favorite venue is?

They are located at 900 Mansell Road in the Mansell Oaks Shopping Center in Roswell, GA.

We just created an all Green baby shower and held it in their space. It was already decorated perfectly for an upscale baby shower, had tables and chairs, lots of counter space (so we didn't have to rent tables for the food and drink stations), and a large kitchen for clean up.

I am quite impressed with their execution of this event. I highly recommend it. Reanna and Lisbeth will have you in stitches before you even start your event. A sure thing to put you in a good mood! Hey, if that doesn't do it, the deserts will!!
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