Monday, August 11, 2008

Ice Cream - What's More American Than That?

One of the coolest (literally) events I've done recently was an Ice Cream Social for Buckhead Church. For the last several weeks, Pastor Andy Stanley's sermons were in the theme of "Letters to Our Next President." So to wrap up the theme, Buckhead Church "treated" all of their members to Ice Cream. Is there anything more American that that? I think not.

Aside from driving home Pastor Andy Stanley's lesson and key topics, overall I think this treat was just that: a treat. How many times do you leave church or temple and have an ice cream cart waiting for you, begging you to take part? Personally, never for me.

I can't tell you how many times I heard:
  • "Wow. They are so nice!"
  • "I love this church!"
  • "I sure didn't expect this!"
  • "How cool is this?!"

All organizations should take note. THESE MEMBERS FELT APPRECIATED.

One of the most common reasons for under-performance in the workplace is that the employees feel under-appreciated - as if their contributions don't matter anyway. I'd like to challenge 10 organizations within the next 10 weeks to host some sort of Employee Appreciation Event. As you have seen, it doesn't have to be elaborate.

Sometimes, ice cream alone will do the trick.

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Anonymous said...

As president of a non-profit board it became my duty to let the staff know they would not be getting a paycheck that week - in fact, they no longer had paying jobs.

The board treasurer, Lauren Schmerler, showed up with a cooler packed with Haagen Dazs.

As he handed paper bowls and plastic spoons around the table he said, "We have really bad news for you. It's going to hurt. But I've found that ice cream makes everything feel a little better."

I think I don't use ice cream enough!

maggiemae and family said...

thats my peanut in that picture!!! HEHE!!!

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