Thursday, September 10, 2009

Baby Asher Comes Home!

Baby Asher Comes Home!!
by:Erica Prewett
Many of you will remember the baby shower we created this past June. Each event we prepare for our clients touches our heart, however, some of them touch us so deeply we are changed forever. This is one of those events.

Baby Asher is home.
On August 5th, the judges in Ethiopia finally made the adoption official. Trish went to Ethiopia on August 19th and stayed for about three weeks to give time for mother and son to bond. Owen went to meet his new son on August 29th. They returned as a family on September 4th.

This is Trish and Owen with their new son, Asher

Trish, Asher, and Grandpa!

Grandma Paula could not be happier.
Welcome home, Asher!!
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