Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Gifts for every Hostess

Party season has arrived. Whether you are attending a Thanksgiving meal, holiday party or just a dinner with friends, everyone wants to take an appropriate hostess gift, or host. Here is a run down of the perfect gift for you to take.

For the "Foodie Host" 

Fleur de Sel French Sea Salt

I know what you are thinking, $14 for salt? But trust me, one foodie to another, it is worth every penny.
Macarons $10 for five
I could live off of macarons. These from make it an easy hostess gift that will tast delicious!

For the "Girly Host"
$20 from Cost Plus World Market 
 A real friend would get this monogrammed...
Lolita Glass $24
Also found at Macy's

I have been collecting Lolita Glasses for four years and I LOVE them. They are precious to display, and all have great drink recipes on the bottom! Many of them are themed for holidays or citys, they also have lots of random fun ones!

For a "Go-to Gift"

Wine is always a good go-to gift for a party host. Go with a medium priced wine like a Yellow Tail or Red Truck, both provide nice quality but won't break the bank.
Origins $20
Origins Hand Treatment will rock your world. Smells great, and makes your hands silky smooth. A perfect combo for your host who will spend the night washing dishes.

Delicious fudge from Zara May's 
With the tagline of, "As heathy as fudge can be." I was sold from the get-go. This organic fudge is SO yummy!

For a "Holiday" gift

These rosemary Christmas tree's are the perfect hostess gift during the holiday 
season. A bit smaller than a foot, these sit festively on a counter while being 
beneficial for the cook! These can be found easily at Pike's or your local nursery this time of year. 

$10 on
The Dave Barns Very Merry Christmas CD will get your in the holiday spirit, quick. So do your host a favor and share the spirit. 

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