Friday, January 28, 2011

Arms Up! Enjoy the Ride!

Many of our brides are opting for a Fairytale Honeymoon-- Mickey Mouse Style.  They're headed to Disney. When I came across this article on Newsweek's BudgetTravel page, I immediately thought of them. Take a look at this article.  Where are you headed on your honeymoon?

How many rides do you ride on a day at Disney?
Posted by: Brad TuttleWednesday, Dec 29, 2010, 3:36 PM
The number of rides enjoyed by the average Disney park visitor may seem surprisingly low.
So what's the average? Nine rides. In a whole day. Considering that a one-day adult ticket costs $87 and change, and entrance for a child age 3 to 9 is $78.81, this means typical visitors are paying roughly $9 or $10 per ride.
Cinderella's Castle at Disney World
[+] Enlarge photo
Cinderella's Castle at Disney World(Courtesy jcronier/myBudgetTravel)
A recent New York Times storyhighlights Disney's secret strategies for shortening the lines at park rides, and these efforts -- which include starting parades to draw park goers into less crowded areas, and sending out a Jack Sparrow actor to amuse folks in line at Pirates of the Caribbean—have sometimes been able to inch the average number of rides to 10 per person per day.
Though some Disney enthusiasts enjoy shopping, parades, and other aspects of the experience just as much as the rides, the cost-per-ride ratio still strikes us as pretty excessive. What do you think? Is a three-minute Disney ride worth the equivalent of $9 or $10 a pop?
For that matter, if you're an avid Disney visitor, do you tend to hit more or less than 10 rides in a typical day? If so, would you care to offer tips for newbies who are trying to get the most ride-age for their dollars? 

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