Thursday, June 30, 2011

Catering Trends: Late-Night Stations

This week we are excited to have a guest blog from Connor at Epting Events. Epting Events caters many weddings and events throughout the Southeast. We have had the opportunity to work with the company a couple of times, and have had great experiences. I am really impressed with Connor, and the entire Atlanta team, and I know you will be too! Read on for more info.

End Your Event With a Bang!

Ever heard the saying that nothing good happens after midnight? Anyone who has eaten a juicy hamburger after a late night would beg to differ.  It’s easy to have so much fun dancing, mingling and laughing at a great wedding that you forget to eat until the buffet is already packed up.  Instead of punishing your fun-loving friends, reward them for their festive behavior by serving a delicious late night snack at your wedding!

Like every detail in the wedding, this little treat should represent the bride and groom.  Sources of inspiration could include beloved childhood treats, favorite past times, or local cuisine.  Have a groom from Philadelphia and a bride who loved baking with her grandmother as a little girl?  Pass mini Philly cheesesteaks, warm chocolate chip cookies and a shot of ice cold milk.  Most late night items are miniature, which makes them even more fun to eat.

The options are endless at Epting Events, but one of our favorite late night options is “The 21 Club”.  This station includes an attendant serving 21 Club Hamburger Sliders (complete with our special 21 sauce!), mini grilled cheese, and an order of fries with lots of toppings. If you don’t want a whole station, we can always pass items throughout the dance floor.  We’ve never seen anyone turn down a meatloaf slider while dancing up a storm to Lady Gaga!

Another Epting Event favorite is the Praline Station.  A true Southern sweet, pralines are a great way to introduce your Yankee guests to the South! We bring the old-fashioned copper cauldron and mix up the pralines over an open fire as your guests look on.  The smell is divine and gives your guests a sample of what’s in store!  No one can eat just one, so we recommend packaging pralines in custom bags or boxes for your guests to take home.  Another sweet item option (and one of my favorites): The Funnel Cake Station. These favorite fair goodies come complete with powdered sugar, warm maple pecan sauce and fresh strawberries. YUM!

Like always, the possibilities are endless.  Epting Events loves a challenge can’t wait to help tailor the perfect menu to fit the bride and groom and their wedding theme!

For more information you can go to the Epting Event website or email Connor!

We hope you love Epting Events and this great late-night snack idea as much as we do!
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