Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fingerprint Guestbook Tree

I love the idea of having a unique guest book. I know it is traditional to have
everyone sign their names in a book, but this is so much more memorable and personal. 

Instead of the boring book, do a Fingerprint Tree instead! 
Get a picture of a barren tree (with no leaves), and let the guests put their fingerprints as the leaves.

Include your names and the wedding date on the picture as well.

Offer your guests many different colors, that go with your color scheme of course.
Provide a nice pen as well (Sharpies work well) so they can sign their name next to their fingerprint.
Before you know it you will have a tree full of all your favorite people's prints.

After the wedding, you can frame it and hang it in your new home.
What better way to always remember who shared your special day with you?

What creative guest book ideas are you using for your weddings?
I would love to hear about them! Follow me on Twitter or
shoot me an Email.

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