Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Look at Your Event Upside Down

I am a huge believer in using spaces and objects in ways they were never intended. For parties, I often use an upside down bowl to serve as a riser for a platter in the food area. I also have been known to use colorful, unique drapery as table runners. Today, let's talk about using items that are meant to be used from the ground up, rather than from the ceiling down. 

Anyone who saw the newest Twilight movie was in awe of Edward and Bella’s wedding, and if you happen to be obsessed with weddings you watched that scene over and over taking in all the details. Possibly the most breathtaking detail was the floral canopy under which the ceremony and reception took place.

Let’s face it, most of us don’t have the Hollywood-sized budget to make this look happen but there are ways to bring some of this look into your own wedding without a team of vampires doing the manual labor.
Suspended flowers or arrangements can be used instead of or in combination with centerpieces placed on the table. Or maybe place mirrors down the center of the table to reflect the details up above.


Draping the ceiling gives a light, romantic feeling no matter the theme, creating interest in a usually boring area.

Hanging fairy lights in the trees gives a magical, wisteria look similar to the canopy in the movie. You can also string the lights instead of letting them hang to create a different but still romantic look.

How are you using general items in extraordinary ways? Would love to hear your ideas!
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