Thursday, July 9, 2009

People We Love, Volume 1
Devon Morgan- Photosynthesis Studio
By: Emily Shearer

  • What’s your story? How did you get started in your field?

Devon was a student at UGA pursuing a writing degree and music minor when she decided to take a photojournalism class. Two days into her photojournalism class, Devon changed her major and never looked back! The Dean of the journalism school saw her work in the newspaper and asked her to be the photographer at his daughter’s wedding. Devon said “yes”, even though she had never photographed a wedding before. The Dean loved her work and kept referring her to his friends. So after college what else was left to do but form her own business!?! Photosynthesis Studio was Born!

  • What’s your favorite part of an event?

Devon really believes that her favorite part of an event changes with the couple. With some couples, she loves the party before the ceremony. Watching the bride enjoy every second of getting ready with her bridesmaids inspires her. With another couple she loves the party at the reception. She described to me a dance off between a bride and groom and the amazing shots that she took of them enjoying the best day of their life.

Does Devon have a least favorite part? Yes. The hardest part is getting the family pictures done in 20 minutes that should really take 2 hours.

  • What’s your favorite past event?

Devon’s favorite past event was a charity event she did at Chukka Farms. She was asked to come and take photos of a Polo match then edit them to make them look like old photos. They were sold in an auction a few days later. This was a defining moment for Devon because people were bidding over $500 on her photos.

  • When guest’s leave an event what do you want them to say about the service you provided?

Devon wants her client’s guest’s to think that she was a part of the family or a family friend and fit right in. When Devon is enjoying herself at a wedding and her guests are comfortable it shows in her photos.

  • What’s something about you/your company that most people do not know?

When Devon is taking photos she tries to view them how she wants them to look after edited. She always thinks about what her clients can do with them. Devon views this as working backwards and believes this will produce the best pictures possible.

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