Thursday, July 30, 2009

Welcome Baskets
By: Emily Shearer

Welcome Baskets are baskets that bride's put in their guests hotel rooms to make them feel comfortable and welcome. They should have little food goodies, information about the local city and something cute to represent the state in them. Example: Old Fashioned Coca-Cola bottles since Coca-Cola is based in Atlanta. Please use the checklist below for the full list of items that should go in a welcome basket!


1) 2 Water Bottles
2) 2 Sodas/Juice
3) Something Salty
4) Something Sweet
5) On-the go Snack (Ex. Granola Bars)
6) Something Healthy (Ex. Apples)
7) Something to represent the State
8) Information about the local City
9) A Thank You note specific to each room’s guest
10) Invitation(s) to the Rehearsal Dinner and/or Sunday Brunch
11) O...and of course a basket :)

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