Friday, August 6, 2010

Favors for Friday

Ever since I saw this wedding
I have had dreams of using towels as favors for a beach wedding. Yes, just like here on the left.

Using screen-printed towels as a favor is a fantastic idea. Talk about making a favor unique to your guests' needs. When people go to the beach/pool/lake they have to take a towel, in comes your favor. Then, your guest will remember your special day, and what fun it was. Thus, they will invite you to join them. See? Win, win.

Finding someone to make these towels is easy, just check out screen-printed towels on google, or ask your local embroidery shop- most do screen-printing as well. Towels may cost more than your average chocolate in a box, but is something well worth commemorating your day.

Now don't YOU wish you had a special towel to use on this blazing hot weekend?
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