Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wednesday Showers

For the next few weeks, we will be featuring a different "shower" every Wednesday. First up on the list: Engagement Shower
An engagement shower will be the first shower a couple receives together. Most are couples showers, which means women, as well as men attend.

Because this is the couples first shower, and men may get intimidated by this easily, keep it casual. If you want to use a theme, keep it unisex. Some of our favorite ideas for engagement showers?

-"Stock the Bar"
This is fun because it gives your guests some variety in their gift. Planning the shower, it also helps you keep it causal. Guests can bring them the ingredients to the couples favorite drink, or get them wine, beer, or martini glasses. Also, keep it casual by grabbing a keg for your guests or have some fun informal drinking games to keep your guests busy.

-"Party Games"
As newlyweds, the couple will likely want to have friends over. Having board games for a party theme is always a fun idea. Guests can bring their favorite party game as a gift for the couple, and some can be played as a group. This may not be the best idea for a large party. As fun as board games are, couples do not want 100's of games to store.
-"Memory Mat"
This will just require you have a large mat with the engaged couple's picture inside. Guests can write their favorite memory on the mat for the couple to keep. You can also spice this up by using a "wishing wall" instead. Use chicken wire to create a board and gave guests roll up notes to put inside.
-"Love is sweet"
This shower makes it especially easy for the host to provide a fun event for all. By providing different "sweets" the food is simple and set up is easy. This shower is also easy to decorate with cute banners and signs.

Most of all, you want the newly engaged, as well as the guests to have a blast! Remember to keep things specific to your couple, and the environment they want to set up.

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