Friday, July 15, 2011

Color Palette: Navy and Coral

Today's color palette is super fun! It is girly, but can easily be incorporated into some fun things your fiance will love as well. I adore the way they go together so easily and really compliment each other! You can go with a more chic design or even go the nautical route.

Coral, Navy Blue and White

I love these coral and navy invitations. The script and other embellishments really
set the tone for a fun and chic wedding.

These navy bridesmaid dresses are simple, but classic. The coral and pink flowers look fantastic, and really stand out next to the dark color. Having the navy dresses are a great way to put the focus on the flowers!

Now that signature cocktails are normal, and almost expected at receptions, use this opportunity to bring in your color scheme, as well as having something that is unique to your special day!

Navy suits for the guys is always a more relaxed look. It is easy to pair it with many colors as well as patterns. I personally think a coral tie would look fantastic with the navy suit!

A great way to add a touch of color to a cake is to add ribbon around it like this one. I love the look of the clean lines around the curved cake. It is such a simple look, but still quite chic.

I love these flowers. They are so pretty and can be easily paired with anything navy to incorporate
 the navy and coral color scheme. I also love the small pops of greenery used to really draw your eye!

Such a fun and simple tablescape. It really goes well with the overall
theme of the navy and coral palette.

I can never do a color palette blog without including a pair of shoes that go along! I am in love with these navy shoes! The little bit of bling make them extra girly and perfect for your wedding! Not to mention, blue shoes are a great way to incorporate your "something blue."

I hope you guys are enjoying these color palettes as much as I am!
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