Thursday, July 28, 2011

Wedding Floral Resource

For many brides, the flowers are the most important piece of their wedding day puzzle. Your guests will notice if the florals were high on your list of puzzle priorities. Also, florals are often times the focus of many of the photographs taken by your photographer, as well as your guests.
Often times it can be difficult to know what flowers to choose, and which will look best that time of year.
You want them to go with your color scheme, as well as be in season so they are as fresh as possible (and also not ridiculously expensive!). So, I'm sure you are wondering, how can I figure these things out?

Recently I came across a great resource online that allows you to search for flowers to fit your day.
You can search by the color of flowers you want, the area of the country your wedding is in, the season your wedding is in, and even the color of bridesmaid dresses you will have.

The website is called Bliss!

Check it out and find the perfect flowers for your big day!!

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