Friday, November 4, 2011

Sky Lantern Grand Exit

Ever since I saw the movie Tangled, I have been dying to visit Taiwan during their Sky Lantern Festival!

Thousands of people travel to the country each year to experience the sixteen-day-long festival during which they write a wish on a piece of paper, attach it to a lantern, light the lantern with a flame, and allow it to float to the sky.

What struck me is how this would look for a grand exit.  Lovely, huh?

 Photo from  Wikipedia.

I am so obsessed with this idea.  I've done it once before for the 4th of July, and it was a beautiful experience.  The effect is especially grand when the moon is out and it's a clear night.  Your guests will absolutely love it; they each get their own lantern and write down a wish your you and your new spouse.  When it's time for the grand exit, your family and friends light their lanterns and let them float to heaven around you.

Photo from Maureen Murray.

The concerns are, of course, that the lanterns will inadvertently burn down your reception site.  But so long as there's not a strong wind (above 5 mph) and you're not near an airport or dry crops, the lanterns are perfectly safe.  As with anything involving fire, there are safety guidelines to follow closely.  (And if any of your relatives have been hanging around the open bar all night, you might want to just give them some rose petals to throw.)

Check out Wish Lantern to find these lanterns for your special day.
They even offer 100% biodegradeable wish lanterns!

If you decide to make this your amazing Grand Exit I would love to hear about it!
Leave us a comment below and let us know how it goes.

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