Sunday, November 20, 2011

Wedding Hair

It's the ages-old conflict:  hair up or hair down?  Flying solo or with an accessory?  Curly or straight?  It's like being faced with a giant menu at an awesome restaurant.  No matter what you get, you'll love it, but it feels like you can't pick just one thing.  The bottom line, and thing to remember throughout your wedding beautification process: your partner wants to recognize you as you walk down that aisle. If you are a "always wear my hair up" person, consider an elegant version of that. If you always wear your hair down, do a version of that. If your signature is a braid, consider this...

Photo from love Maegan.
The waterfall braid, pictured above, is becoming super popular, like a lot of other intricate braid hairstyles.  I'm kind of obsessed with this style... I do think it would look great if you want to go for a fairly basic style with a little twist.

From Tumblr.
Then there's the classic twisty bun thing.  (You can tell I'm a hair expert from all of my super-technical names for these styles.)  I feel like this style will never get old.  It keeps your hair out of your face, it's beautiful, and you can vary it however you want.  And you can always, always find a gorgeous pin to add for some loveliness; Etsy is a good place to start looking.

Photo from Cup of Jo.
If a pin isn't your thing, you can always play around with flowers to add color and texture.  My friend and I always talk about the lovely mountain wedding she will invariably have someday, and she loves the idea of a little flower crown.  This is also very versatile--you can go big or small, make the flowers a focus or just an accent.

Photo from Tumblr.
Photo from Pinterest.
I love to see all the vintage styles that are coming back.  Nothing better than a flapper, right?  A lot of these styles are popping up on blogs with handy how-to tutorials, so you can even do them yourself or get a friend to learn rather than getting your hair done.

Photo from Something Old, Something New.
Photo from Pinterest.
There are just so many ways to go with your hair.  For more inspiration, check out pinterest. Create a board and just pin the styles that appeal to you. Before you know it you'll have a theme and your stylist can customize it just for you.  
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