Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Bouquets: Personalized and Pretty!

I love bold colorology when it comes to flower arrangements, but I especially love the personal touches that some brides have taken to including in their bouquets.  What better way to welcome marriage than with magnetic poetry or a pretty locket?

 Photo from Recycled Bride.

This concept opens up a whole new door to creative flower adornments.  It doesn’t have to be anything flashy, or even necessarily visible, just something sweet to add a touch of personality to the blooms, like maybe an antique pocket watch (wouldn't that be pretty?).  I could definitely go for a bouquet with pretty brooches pinned around the stems.  Another popular option is to wrap your mother’s or grandmother’s rosary around the bouquet.

Photo from 100 Layer Cake.

I think it would be incredibly sweet if a bride added a lucky charm to her bouquet—wouldn’t that be a fitting thing to have in your hands as you walk down the aisle?

And then there are nontraditional bouquets, which I love.  Paper flowers at a wedding are adorable, affordable, and immortal!

So cute, no?  (Above and below photos from a wedding we did in September.)

I love how quirky and bright this bouquet is! I think my favorite thing about nontraditional flower options is that you can use them to showcase your personality and make them fit with your color palette and wedding theme.  And it's so easy!
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